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About Us

At Newton Apples, we believe in providing a valuable platform with our invaluable web-based services and expertise. Indeed there is a dire need for quality talent with every organization and we have been able to leverage the benchmark, by enabling our clients with the best pool of talent with our web-based training services.

Learn. Know. Excel…

Learn – The aforementioned is our core belief. And so, with knowledge, expertise and experience, we have added value by redefining the world through the innovations we believe in. In a nutshell, at Newton Apples, we have aligned Technology with People, therefore empowering people with the power of modern technology. Welcome to the world of Newton Apples’ WebEx Training Centre!


Redefining Corporate Training:

With Newton Apples, we can redefine the effectiveness and efficiency of corporate training programs. Instead of weeks or months, one can now execute their training programmes in days and accelerate product adoption by giving customers convenient access to web-based training.

Team Newton Apples, is proud and privileged to have a group of experienced campaigners with top quality skill-set. The core team has been associated with the top companies over the years and has built great reputation along with expertise.

Training Effectively and Efficiently with Multimedia and Assessment Tools With high-definition video, audio, and content sharing to deliver stimulating courses, demonstrations, and events, Instructors can communicate knowledge more effectively. They can facilitate group collaboration through breakout sessions and encourage discussions with participants through chat and threaded Q&A. Besides which, one can gauge the overall effectiveness and individual proficiency with integrated testing, grading, and polling tools.

On the other hand, participants can learn at their convenience by viewing recorded sessions, and take advantage of online computer labs for practical application.

With a thought to contribute to the larger picture and to be a decisive partner in our clients’ progress, we believe in giving our best always. And we do it in the most innovative possible way.


Mission: To create and lend value to businesses with expert solutions, at the same time, empowering aspirants to leap beyond.

Vision:  To help change people’s lives with the technology we believe in.

Newton Apples houses a group of technocrats who are passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge. Our training’s encompass popular applications from ERP Applications, Oracle Apps, Data Warehousing tools and many more.

Our courses are easy to learn, collaborative and user-friendly, which allows users to learn at their own pace. We also offer training 24/7 at your convenience.

Students can gain unlimited access to all our titles in our repository and also get expert advices of certification courses.


Self-paced Learning labs

The difficulty in installing and maintaining the software’s in desktops often leads to configurations issues most time. With Newton apples’ innovative approach of creating an online lab environment, a new benchmark for training is set.

With 24/7 labs, students can access and work from across the globe without any kind of server refresher, without any hassle of equipment handling.

Therefore our training programmes are not just effective but also cost-effective.

PowerPoint presentations, documents, streaming videos, demonstration software, white boards, and Flash animations, can all be shared and annotation privileges are given to students to encourage participation.

HD Video, Voice over IP Conferencing and Integrated Audio with Telephony Students get to experience and access high-definition video of the presenter or up to six live video feeds in the main session. The video experience includes Active Speaker, which switches the video automatically to focus on the current speaker. All participants also get clear reliable audio through a telephone bridge or voice over TP (VoIP) and can join through call-back or call-in using a toll or toll-free number.

Students can participate in the virtual breakout rooms for group projects and brainstorming sessions, and then “drop into” breakout sessions to assess progress and facilitate discussion. Students can share presentations and documents, white boards, and applications within their breakout sessions.

Attendees can engage in private or public chat conversations with the instructor, another attendee, or the entire class. Polls, Attendee Feedback, and Attention indicator are features of chat. The feedback is collected with one or more polls during a session, which instantly tabulates poll results to share with the class. Students can also “raise” their hands; the system automatically orders the requests so that instructors can answer questions on a first-come basis.

The unique Hands-On Lab feature provides participants with highly secure access to remote PCs for hands-on application learning and practice. Lab sessions may be conducted during live training sessions or on demand.

With capture and store session recordings can be used for reuse and review using the integrated Network-Based Recording capability. Students can also stream recordings within live sessions or post them for students to play back at their convenience. Recordings capture all aspects of the session, including audio, data, video, and annotations.

Threaded Q&A

Questions and document responses using threaded Q&A are tracked cautiously. Panelists can prioritize questions, display answers publicly or privately, or assign them to a colleague.

Integrated Test Engine

Students’ class performances are tested before, during, or after live training sessions, including multiple choices, true-or-false, fill-in-the-blank, and essay. There is this advantage of automated grading, reporting, and SCORM compliance, and store and reuse tests for other sessions.

Test Center

We conduct quizzes at regular intervals and provide feedback to students and also timely reports to Employers about the students’ performance.

Regular feedback is also given to companies with respect to performance of each student with frequently generated reports, tests results and batch averages.

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