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Course Curriculum

Chapter1: Introduction
Advanced Database Development 00:25:00
Advertising on Social Media 00:35:00
Structure of OAF 00:00:00
Onion Structure of OAF 00:00:00
Advantages and Disadvantages of OAF 00:00:00
Chapter2: MVC Architecture
About Model 00:00:00
Entity Objects and Entity Association 00:00:00
View Objects and View Links 00:00:00
Application Module 00:00:00
About View 00:00:00
About Controller 00:00:00
BC4J File Structure 00:00:00
Chapter 3: JDeveloper Configuration
Identifying JDdeveloper Version 00:00:00
Installation Process of JDeveloper 00:00:00
JDeveloper Configuration Steps 00:00:00
Chapter 4: Creating First Page
Welcome (or) Sample Page Creation 00:00:00
Displaying Images on Page 00:00:00
Creating Items and Regions In a Page 00:00:00
How to display User Name, User Id and Responsibility in OAF 00:00:00
Chapter 5: Regions In JDeveloper
Message Component Layout Region 00:00:00
Header Region 00:00:00
Row Layout Region 00:00:00
Default Double Column 00:00:00
Default Single Column 00:00:00
Page Button Bar 00:00:00
Query Region 00:00:00
Chapter 6: Items In JDeveloper
Message Text Input 00:00:00
Message Styled Text 00:00:00
Message Check Box 00:00:00
Message Radio Button 00:00:00
Message Choice 00:00:00
Submit Button 00:00:00
Message Rich Text Editor 00:00:00
Image Item 00:00:00
Chapter 7: Sample Exercises
Displaying Exception Messages Based on Condition 00:00:00
Swapping The Value From One Field to Another Field 00:00:00
Displaying Data From Data Base 00:00:00
Data Entry Page in OAF 00:00:00
Calling One Form to Another Form 00:00:00
SPEL in OAF 00:00:00
Chapter 8: Search Pages In OAF
Search Pages 00:00:00
Automatic Search Inline LOV 00:00:00
Automatic Search External LOV 00:00:00
Result Base Search 00:00:00
Manual Search 00:00:00
Chapter 9: Sample Project Work
MD-50 of Sample Project in OAF 00:00:00
Creating First OAF Page In Project 00:00:00
Creating Search Page 00:00:00
Creating Update Page 00:00:00
Calling OAF Pages Using Update and Detail Image Icons 00:00:00
Final Code in AM, Update Page, and Patient Entry Page Controller 00:00:00
Dynamic Changes in OAF pages 00:00:00
Chapter 10: Deploying OAF Pages Into Oracle Apps
Moving OAF Project Files Into Apps Server 00:00:00
Import Script in OAF 00:00:00
Creating Function,Menu, and Responsibility in Apps for OAF Pages 00:00:00
Chapter 11: Extensions and Personalizations
Extensions in OAF 00:00:00
VO Extension in OAF 00:00:00
AM Extension in OAF 00:00:00
CO Extension in OAF 00:00:00
EO Extension in OAF 00:00:00
Personalization in OAF 00:00:00
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