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Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: Introduction to XML Publisher
About XML Publisher 00:00:00
XML Publisher Process Overview 00:00:00
XML Publisher Comparison With Report Builder 00:00:00
XML Publisher Comparison With Discoverer 00:00:00
Chapter 2: Data Sources
What is Data Template? 00:00:00
Data Template Basics With Parameters, Triggers And Multiple Queries 00:00:00
Report Builder As A Data Source – Generating XML Tags 00:00:00
Chapter 3: RTF Template Introduction
Creating First Report With Basic RTF Method 00:00:00
Creating First Report With Form Field Method 00:00:00
Finding Form Field Options In Microsoft Word 00:00:00
Creating First Report Using Wizard 00:00:00
Understanding XML And Identifying Groups of Repeating Elements 00:00:00
Chapter 4: RTF Template Headers and Footers
Adding Header And footers In Template 00:00:00
Inserting A Static/Dynamic LOGO in Header 00:00:00
Refer LOGO Location From XML 00:00:00
Chapter 5: RTF Template Conditional Formatting
XML Publisher IF Statement 00:00:00
Choose Statement 00:00:00
Conditionally Highlighting A Row 00:00:00
Cell Highlighting 00:00:00
Chapter 6: RTF template Number and Date Formatting
XML Publisher Number Formatting 00:00:00
Date Formatting 00:00:00
Chapter 7: RTF Template Variables and Groups
Position() In RTF Template 00:00:00
Inserting Page Numbers 00:00:00
Custom Variables In RTF Template 00:00:00
Re – Grouping Input XML Before Applying To Template 00:00:00
Chapter 8: RTF Template Page Level Calculations and Page Breaks
Displaying Page Totals 00:00:00
Brought Forward/Carried Forward Totals 00:00:00
Running Totals 00:00:00
Page Breaks 00:00:00
Chapter 9: Integration With Oracle Apps
XML Publisher Standard Executable And Concurrent Program Registration 00:00:00
Data Template And Template Registration 00:00:00
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