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    8 fascinating facts about Burj Khalifah, Dubai

    I have visited many World’s Record setters like World most populated country, most popular landscapes country, largest towers in the world, So, it must not be a surprise for me that a giant standing monster that is, Burj Khalifah in Dubai is also in hot-list of number one tallest building in the world. It is not only the world tallest building it breaks all records of other buildings. Before 9/11 war, the giant building was the World Trade Centre. And now Burj Khalifah is one the number of the tallest buildings. People from all over the World come along to witness this Guinness largest World recorded castle, Burj Khalifah in Dubai. With a car rental in Dubai, they set their feet toward the giant man-made miracle. They rent a car in Dubai for monthly car rental deals to go once a week for saving its beauty in their eyes by feasting their eyes for so long.

    Facts about Burj Khalifah

    Following are some unknown interesting facts about Burj Khalifah that may increase your knowledge about it.

    1. The Giant glory Burj Khalifah stands at 828 meters high. It is three times taller than the Eiffel tower’s height
    2. Aside from holding the world record for being the tallest building in the world, it holds six more world record awarded and earned to its own name, it has a high number of stories, with most wide floor area, has the longest elevator, and has highest rooftops in the World.
    3. The weight of the concrete was not covered by a single man. Almost a single-headed stone was handled by 80 labors at a time. The total weight of foil and ironic aluminum is equivalent to 50k tons.
    4. Every year 15 million gallons of water gets collected from the world to irrigate its plains aside and providing water to the Dubai Fountain.
    5. The world’s longest elevator that holds about 140 stories to take people down to up and from up to down.
    6. The top of the Burj Khalifah with silver shining needling notion can be seen from 95 kilometers far from it.
    7. At the peak of construction, 15000 labors worked on a daily basis.
    8. Burj Khalifah took unlimited sacks of sand to complete its giant architectural structure that laid down under its basis on what it is holding its giant body. You can see it is coming down to you by laying in its surroundings.

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