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    Garment construction involves the procedures are which can be undertake to ensure that out from the procedures clothes have already been made. These are created from different parts which require different construction procedures or skills. These processes include: control over fullness, pockets, waist bands, openings, fastening and hem management.

    1. Treating fullness. This can be defined as arrangement of the extra height and width of fabric to own following:

    a.) Finding a good fit from the garment.

    b.) Shaping the garment.

    c.) Providing fashion features.

    d.) Decorating the garment.

    Treating fullness is achieved by: darts, pleat, tucks, gathers, easing, smocking, shirring and use of elastic.

    2. Pockets. This is a crucial feature on outer garments, these are functional and decorative possibly at times you can use them to emphasise or introduce fashion features. The choice of a pocket to work with on a garment depends upon: the sort of garment, fabric being utilized, position about the garment and also the effect desired.

    3. Openings and Fastening. It the part which is left unstitched for the garment or article make it possible for the garment to be placed on and served by ease. Normally it’s fastened up following your garment has been worn in order to retain its shape. They could either be decorative, plain or functional.

    Fastening could be the closing up and opening to keep the original shape and fit of the garment. They’re decorative and functional or both. Before choosing which fastening to work with one must know the kind of opening to possess, therefore on needs to consider: the garment, weight and style in the fabric and the form of opening.

    4. Hem management. This can be a approach to finishing raw edges all over a cloth construction. These parts are; lower portion of a skirt, dress, short sleeves and the top part of a pocket. They may be supposed to be as invisible as possible unless an attractive feature is desired.

    5. Waist Band. They are used to keep the raw edges with the waist also to increase the good shape in the garment. waist bands are also utilized to hold fashion garments in position including:belts and ribbons.

    All of the above processes are important for making garment to make certain fullness with the clothes, effect desired and also the outcome of the clothing. To make an appropriate outfit along with a well-built cloth a number of the above can be used from the construction making with the cloth. Hence the four stages can be a must to work with and are more vital in every cloth construction processes.

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