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What is a database?

(Book Definition) – A Data Base is an Organized Collection of Data which can be easily accessed, managed and updated.
In today’s World, Data plays a vital role in every business. In our day to day life, we see or interact with many applications and Software’s, every application that we see or work with will have two parts:

  1. GUI (Graphical User Interface / Front end)
  2. Database

To keep it simple GUI is the part where user interacts with (like Facebook application’s – look and feel) and the Data that we see in the application (like Facebook profile, messages, images and videos) are pulled from Database.

Displaying Data from Database

End User who interacts with the application may not know how the data is being fetched and where so much of information is stored. Internally all the dynamic content that we see in the application is fetched from Database.
Database Network
Database and all its components should be designed and configured at the time of application development. Once the application is developed we will not be able to make changes to the database structure as every change will hugely affect the business application GUI code.
It is very important to make sure that data is securely maintained and accurately stored. So to maintain security and accuracy in database a set of rules / software system is defined and that we call it as DBMS (Data Base Management System – which performs all the operations on the database)

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